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BACSAN Concentrated Detergent


Anti-Bacterial Sportswear Detergent

BACSAN CONCENTRATE is designed by athletes for athletes for more information on this excellent product please visit

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BACSAN is a disinfectant and a cleaner in one product making it the ideal sportswear detergent.

Increased sweating mixes with the bacteria living on the skin and this bacteria causes the odour found on sportswear -even after conventional washing.

Skin particles are rubbed off during exercise and attach to fabric which feeds the bacteria that was transferred to the fabric by sweat.

BACSAN -neutralise the stink by hand washing or machine washing the stink out!

Hand wash, machine wash or pre-soak. BACSAN is in concentrate form and 1L makes 100L of diluted product. 50ml BACSAN should be added to 5L water for soak or hand wash. Machine wash with 5Oml added to pre-wash and add detergent as normal.

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