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Compression Springs

Weblor Spring Coils Manufacturer

These are the most common type of and are designed to create resistance to a compressive force. We manufacture and stock top quality springs at very competitive prices. From 'one-offs' to production runs of millions, our company philosophy is that no order is too small or too large.

Compression Springs Types

Compression springs come in a variety of types including:

  • Conical
  • Barrel
  • Hourglass
  • Cylindrical shapes

may have a constant or progressive spacing between the .


Compression spring ends are often ground to increase operational life and to allow the spring to sit squarely on the load-bearing surface. Grinding also increases the number of active coils and the wire diameter available in a given volume of space, which can result in higher loads or lower stresses.

Coil Spring Specifications

We require the following information for manufacturing purposes.

Manufacturing Specifications for Compression Coil Springs
  • Free length
  • Mean coil diameter
  • Size of material
  • Pitch or lead
  • Space between coils
  • Ground surface
  • Outside diameter
  • Inside diameter
Compression Spring Coils Manufacturing Enquiry

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